The New Barrett 4050 in a carrying case wheather-proof is a Rapid deployment package for world-wide communication mobility (Mobile ,Transportable, or as a Base Station)
The Barrett 4050 HF-SDR CarryOn – RDP is a compact yet powerful long-range radio communication unit that can be
easily and elegantly hand-carried from place to place.
Self-contained with an AC power supply, with charger up to 30amp including inside 2 Batteries in 12vcc/14amp sufficient to used for emergency without AC power including a broadband antenna, the Micom Z CarryOn radio transceiver allows workers of
international organizations maximum mobility, ensuring that no matter how remote their location, or upon which continent, they’re always connected and in control. Certified for dependability and durability, the complies with the world’s strictest
standards for radio communication equipment.

General Specifications:
TX Frequency Range 1.6MHz – 30MHz
RX Frequency Range 250KHz – 30MHz
Channel Capacity 1000
Frequency Stability ±0.5ppm(±0.3 ppmoptional)
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz tunable receiver
Operating Modes J3E (USB, LSB) – H3E (AM) – J2A (CW) – J2B (AFSK) Software-Defined filter bandwidth
Filter Bandwidths Fully Software-Defined standard and custom
filter range from 300Hz to 3000Hz and beyond.
Operating Temperature -30° to +70°, relative humidity 95%, non condensing
Frequency Hopping 5 or 25 hops per second
Supply Voltage +11V DC or 24V DC operation
Selcall System Based on CCIR 493-4, 4 and 6 digit systems
ALE Standards 2G  & 3GALE
Current Consumption 350mA standby (muted)
Sensitivity -121dBm (0.20 μV) for 10dB SINAD
RF Output Power 150W PEP (with 24V supply) 125W PEP (with 12V supply)
Duty Cycle 100% data with fan option
Standards Designed to meet or exceed: – FCC – Part 87; – FCC – Part 90 ; – CE#
– Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS 4770 2000 and AS/NZS 4582:1999
– EMC and vibration Standard IEC 945#
– Designed to meet Mil-STD 810G for drop, dust, temperature, shock and vibration# – NTIA# – JITC#


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