Bi-Conical Monopole 1-20kW / 2 – 30MHz

The CS-BI-CON 1-20K Broadband Monopole antenna has been designed for fixed station, multi-frequency operation, and covers the entire frequency range of 2 –30 MHz with a power rating of up to 20kW average.
The conical nature of the radiating elements provides outstanding efficiency over the entire HF spectrum.
The antenna displays an omni-directional radiation pattern, allowing for all round communications.
The antenna is supplied with the wire work in a ready-to-be-assembled state. Except for the mast, all the necessary equipment is to be found in the kit.
The maximum VSWR is typically less than 2:1 over the entire band.
No antenna tuner is required.
The antenna elements are constructed of stranded, stainless-steel wire rope for long life and resistance to kinking.


Frequency range : 2 – 30MHz

Power rating : 1 – 20kW average

Input impedance : 50Ω

VSWR over range : <2:1 (typical) 

Isotropic gain : 8dbi ∣ absolute maximum , 6dbi ∣ average maximum across elevations, 4dbi ∣ typical

Radiation pattern : Refer radiation plot

Input Balun : No Balun Required

RF connector type : Various depending on power rating.

Wind rating : 230km/h (no ice)

Mast requirement : 34m

Earth mat radius : 38m

Bi-Conical Monopole 1-20kW / 2 – 30MHz