For a Large Fence the Solution of Surveillance Radar based system :

The system is based on new state of the art short range Radar system and outdoor day and night camera system.

• Typical Radar range– 250m

• The Radar is pure electronic based, without any moving parts

• The system controlled by remote control and monitoring unit, powered by either wired Power source and/or a rechargeable Power Pack for autonomous field operation.

Main Technology Highlights

  • Multi-Sensor, integrated solution consisting of:  Short and Long range radars, Day and Night cameras, Electronic Fence and sensors – High Probability of Detection with minimum False alarm Rate and Miss Detection.
  • Short range radars, no moving parts, high MTBF, detection range >100 M.
  • Long Range – Ground Surveillance Radar: Solid state, Low Probability of Interception (LPI) dual-beam radar. 1W Average Transmitted power.
  • Sophisticated Electronic fence and sensors.
  • Network PTZ cameras day / night, auto-Track.
  • Advanced Command and Control sub-system video and sensors management systems.
  • Security provisions including Cyber based capabilities avoiding cyber terror attacks.