BS2000 wall mount

Weatherproof  Repeater wall Mount

The BS 2000  is an weatherproof cabinet with 2 side heat sink part .

It open like a book and easy to access for maintenance.

IS The BEST SOLUTION to put your Repeater on top of the mast near the antenna with short coax cable . NO LOSS = GAIN IS PRESENT .

For customized solutions Let us know we can built for you .. 100%  Weatherproof !!


  • UHF
  • VHF high
  • VHF low



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BS2000 wall mount

Repeater Kit Wall consisting of:
BK001 Cabinet for BS2000 wall suspension.
RE605/x43i Duplex transceiver TP6000i for BS2000.
DF60x Duplex filter.
ST601 Coax cable kit for duplex filter.
MP002 Mounting plate for duplex filter.
PS005 Power supply.
MP022 Mounting plate for power supply.
ST608 Coax cable N/BNC.
SI601 DC distribution panel with fuse.
ST615/5 DC distribution cabling for BS2000.


TP-2263 CTCSS tone encoder / decoder and repeater module.
TP-2289 5-tone encoder / decoder and repeater control.
ST609/5 Cable for power supply PS005 can replace SI601 and ST615/5.