CS-AATUMOB “Automatic Antenna tuner for HF Micom”

The CS-AATUMOB tuning unit matches the antenna impedance to the 50 Ω output impedance of the radio system Micom Series, with a nominal VSWR of not higher than 1.4 in the 1.6 to 30 MHz frequency range

The spring located at the top of the tuning unit enables the mechanical flexibility needed in mobile operation.
The 6 foot whip (picture) is made of fiberglass, with a wound copper wire, and a plastic coating. The antenna
is mounted via an M16 threaded rod flange. Note: is possible to adapt other type of whip on request.
The tuning unit has a waterproof case and a shockabsorbing base. High voltage isolator placed on the top of the tuning unit provides connection to the whip section, with thread bushing.
SO-239 connector provides connection to the Micom HF transceiver (RF and supply).
10 cm of ground cable is provided, attached to the tuner, plus 75 cm extension.

The COMSYSTEMS AATUMOB kit contains only ATU  for a complete set with Antenna and Cable see AATUMOB-C
Tuning unit. (top picture)


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CS-AATUMOB “Automatic Antenna tuner for HF Micom”