Antennas AD-2 represent the family of transceiving self- supporting HF monopoles. The antennas are composed of two- or three sections, connected together by screw-joints, protected against unscrewing with cross screw protecting unit. The first part of the antenna is support, designed in four types with difference in the way of mounting and also connecting of the RF feeding wire. (Need ATU)

The support type A has the antenna connector below the flange and is convenient for mounting directly on deck, where the antenna connector is safe against atmospheric influences.

The support type B is similar, only a special insulator is added below the flange allows the antenna to be mounted outside on a proper console.

The support type C and D have side mounted antenna connector in a special waterproof housing with a lead-in unit. They differ only in the way of mounting. All the antenna connectors are screw type with M8 nuts.
The antenna sections are made of epoxy-glass composite material and the screw joints are made of stainless steel. The antennas are very lightweight but on the other side they are highly resistant against all weather conditions. The
flange on the support type A, B and C is made of special polyamide with excellent mechanical characteristics. Antennas AD-2 are intended primarily for use on all kind of ships, oil rigs etc. They could be also used on ground objects for stationary use. In that case a special wire ground-plane must be ordered.

Antenna type naming system

AD-2/X-Y; where:
X = attachment type (A, B, C or D)
Y = height in meters

AD-2/D-9 is 9 m three sections antenna with two side attachment consoles



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Technical specification

Frequency range 2 – 30 MHz
Polarisation VERT.
Connector  M 8
Maximum power 500 W (5,6,7 m)
1000 W (8,9 m)
Height 5…9 m
No. of Sections 2 (5 in 6 m antena)
3 (7, 8 in 9 m antena)
Mass max. 10 kg
Diameter 38/28/20 mm
Wind velocity 150 km/h
Temperature range -40…+70°C