CS-LP230 “Log Periodic HF rotatable antenna”

The CS-LP-230 provides excellent reliability in medium to long-range HF circuits. The rotatable antenna allows communication between fixed and mobile stations, such as ships, aircraft, or tactical deployments. This Log Periodic antenna is a lightweight, high-strength antenna that provides excellent HF performance in the 2 to 30 MHz frequency band. A rotary joint allows continuous rotation. The CS-LP-230 lightweight, rotatable, horizontal log periodic antenna, produced to Navy & U.S. Air Force requirements, is suitable for use where limited space and difficult access are encountered. The CS-LP-230 system is supplied with or without a 60-foot tower. Primarily constructed of aluminum with the most extended single piece being twelve feet, the entire system can easily be roof-mounted. A sixty-foot self-supporting tower is also available to ask our sales@comsystems.com  and the rotator is controlled remotely to any azimuth, with light indicating the antenna heading.

•Broadband operation available for ALE (automatic link establishment) or frequency hopping operation without complex external tuning units.

•Lightweight, compact array

•Low VSWR and high gain across the operating band

This Log Periodic can include: antenna, tower, rotator, controller, roof mount


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CS-LP230 “Log Periodic HF rotatable antenna”