CS-STxx (Mast)

Antenna masts CS-ST-5, CS-ST-8, CS-ST-10 and CS-ST-12 represent the family of light antenna masts, composed of tubular sections with joints, made of polyester – glass composite material (fiberglass). The mast stands on the tilting base fixed on a ground with iron pegs, comprising terminals for the possibility of connecting radial ground wires. The mast is guyed on several levels with high quality polyester ropes. The top section is intended for the antenna attachment. A special adapter is added for the possibility of mounting a greater part of our antennas. The masts are also suitable for different kinds of wire antennas erecting up with the erecting rope. The major advantages of the masts are: short erection time, easy handling, low weight, low icing, robust construction and good isolation characteristics. The mast is packed in two transportable linen bags.

Technical specification

Height (m) 5.4 8.2 10.0 12.4
Mast Weight (kg) 9 13 15.5 19
Accessories Weight (kg) 15.4 17.3 17.3 20.3
No. of sections 3×1.4m + 1m 5×1.4m + 1m 7×1.4m 8×1.4m + 1m
Section diameter (mm) 60 60 60 60
No. of anchoring levels 1 2 2 3
Mounting area 5x5m 7x7m 10x10m 10x10m
Mounting time 1 p /5 min 2 p /10 min 2 p /10 min 2 p /10 min


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CS-STxx (Mast)