Wideband HF antenna 1,5KW PEP 

The EASP-WHF1K-ANT  is a relative high efficiency broadband vertical radiator intended for use with frequency agile
transmission systems over the 2 – 30 MHz HF band (i.e.: HF/ALE systems).
It is produced in two different versions, respectively :

  • EASP-WHF1K-ANT for the both Roof & Naval mounting solution. 

Working Principle
A vertical radiator can be matched to a 50-ohm feed line by an inductive (L), a capacitive (C), or an L/C system. An HF
line with its end, either open or shorted, can be an “L”, a “C”, or an “L/C” matching system, depending on the ratio of its
length to a given wavelength. A coax stub can therefore replace most matching systems.

•Minimal maintenance requirements
•High Reliability
•Broadband radiator, a decade frequency interval typical
•No tuning devices
•SWR 1:1.5 typical
•50 ohm coax feed line
•RF power 1,5KW PEP
•Rugged fiberglass whip element and stainless steel mounting hardware

Mechaniicall Features
•Length 10 meters
•Weight 40 Kg
•Sections 2
•Bottom Ø 62 mm
•Whip material epoxy fiberglass
•Finishing polyurethane paint
•Colour grey RAL 7030
•Radiator high Q Teflon line
•Ferrule inox steel per AISI 316
•Operating temp. -35 °C to +80 °C
•Max wind speed 180 Km/h

Ellectriicall Features
•Frequency 2 to 30 MHz
•Impedance 50 ohm
•Polarization Vertical
•H radiation 360 °
•V radiation See diagram
•TX feed cable RG-213/U
•Ground Yes


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