LB025 HF Broadband Dipole antenna

The LB025 Broadband Dipole antenna has been designed for fixed station, multi-frequency operation, and covers the entire frequency range of 2-30MHz with a power rating of 125W PEP.
No antenna tuner is required.
As supplied, this antenna is suitable for erection in the Inverted V or Horizontal configurations.
The Inverted V has the advantage of requiring only one main mast but Horizontal installations are slightly more efficient.

For both types of installation  require 9m masts, and for shorter range operation (0-600km) are near optimal.
For long range operation taller masts (12 to 15m) and horizontal installation are preferred.
All materials used in this antenna are chosen for a long trouble-free life.
The wire elements are stainless steel.

Balun and load housings are custom made mouldings of UV resistant, fibre reinforced plastic and insulators are long-life moulded plastic. COMSYSTEMS can supply a variety of masts – please inquire using the contact details on web site or send us an email 


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 144 × 17 × 17 in


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LB025 HF Broadband Dipole antenna


The antenna is packed completly assembled ready for erection. It can be supplied with and optional PL259 UHF-style terminated RG58 coax cable of 30 m length. The parallel wires of the antenna are raised in the horizontal plane, whether the antenna is configured as an Inverted V or Horizontal Configuration.

PARTS SUPPLIED ( in a box)

  • 1 x Antenna assembly
  • 1 x Gibbet
  • 1 x Gibbet back stay
  • 1 x 60m roll rope
  • Bag containing:
    • 1 x roll self-amalgamating tape
    • 2 x pullies
    • 4 x D shackles
    • 1 x Thimble
    • 4 x Rope grip


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