The Micom™ Link II is a new generation of multi-crosspatch with capabilities for different users of VHF or UHF. The crosspatch is capable of analog and/or digital radios with HF/ SSB.

  • The Micom™ Link II allows a microphone to transmit on radios as well as simulcast on 2, 3, or 4 radios, while in repeater (RPT)

mode. The operator can deselect the appropriate radio to transmit exclusively on a selected radio.

  • May also be configured for VOX or COR operation for each individual radio. The VOX circuit has a two second hang time

to prevent premature dropping of the PTT when the audio drops .

  • On VHF/UHF networks with the Micom™ Link II we can activate (ON) and Deactivate (OFF) the crosspatch by a

specific DTMF sequence sent by a station on the VHF/UHF network without the need of an operator. >>>

>>> When the networks are linked, incoming audio from the HF network is broadcast on the VHF/UHF network and vice versa.