Multitask Carry-On RDP

MULTITASK Carry-On is an Interoperability systems based primarily on two versions one using 2 radios and another one with 3 radios. A controller ML2  with Radio HF/SSB Radio 125w (MicomZ or Barrett 4050) with  1 or 2 Radios U/VHF (digital/analog) Mobile radio can offer through any hand portable to reach long distance communications ( see applications brochures).

The controller can have some main functionalities like:

  1. The operator access manually by selecting the different network (s) relating to requested communication.
  2. The operator can link different networks according to different channels and different frequency bands.
  3. The operator can automatically put in REP mode (Repeater) according to the case and the possibilities requested.


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Multitask Carry-On RDP