Multitask Comforce II

The COMSYSTEMS® “Multitask-ComForce II ” equipment is based directly on a set of multitask communications with the ability to communicate HF/VHF/UHF in voice,encryption,data emails,text messaging with ranges of some kilometers to long ranges of several kilometers.

With a SECURE VOICE & POSITION FOR ANY RADIO The new accessory RA3 integrated with Multitask Comforce II can be used as a base station &/or for vehicle installation and is suitable for use by first responders, security agencies, governmental and paramilitary users. The RA3 is a purpose-built secure voice and data modem that works with any HF or V/UHF radio via the audio channel. The unit delivers clear, secure digital voice and automated position transfers in the most adverse channel conditions. TRACKING AND CONTROL VEHICLE APPLICATIONThe RA3, with TRACKPOINT connected via Ethernet, provides an ideal vehicle solution for tracking and control of fielded RA1 units.INFORMATION SECURITY All radio communications are vulnerable to eavesdropping. The RA3’s built-in AES encryption means that all communications are secured by a trusted algorithm. POSITION REPORTThe RA3 can be configured to send out secure periodic position reports.

This product is mainly used by state agencies with the needs of coordination and controls of temporary or permanent operations.In the event of a major event in a country such as a terrorist attack or severe weather that could cause any major interruption of Internet communication, Email, Messaging, cellular telephony, and more … The Multitask-ComForce II may in all cases have a response for coordination using the citizens and securing the country’s infrastructure.


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Multitask Comforce II