WDM9000 high speed wireless data radio modem UHF, Ethernet connection, 12V / 8-60V, Power 15W PP, Data speed 32-96 kbit, QAM modulation,
25 kHz Channel spacing, Requires antenna. BNC connector.

The WDM9000 Wireless Data Modem is a transceiver designed for data transmission and reception only. The design of the WDM9000 is based on the state of the art technology which makes it possible to have a high data speed 32/64Kb/s on a 25 KHz channel. The high data speed is obtained by using QAM signalling. The WDM9000 is available for fixed and mobile applications for the VHF & UHF frequency band. It can be used for Road systems, Watersewage, Electricity sector, Pipeline, windmills, tunnels etc. If the need is to transmit or receive data information and cabling is not the option, the ideal solution would be the WDM9000 as the data air speed and output power is high. It transmits and receives data several kilometers over a wireless connection to another radio modem over a point-to-point or -point-to-multipoint link. A Plug-and-Play device, with easy setup.



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