Safe-T (Tethering Station)

Safe-T smart tethering station,

All include in a large carrying case with 80m / 260 feet of micro-tether .

The Safe-T is a smart tethered station for commercial drones, offering extended possibilities to operators and drone users. Thanks to its micro-tether providing continuous power supply, high-speed data transfer, and with a tensile strength armored with aramid, the solution enables unlimited access to an aerial view, in real time and in a highly secure manner. With its non-conducting and crushproof case, the Safe-T is tailored for demanding field operations. It’s telescopic handle trolley system and three ergonomic padded handles make it easily transportable. A cap integrated in the upper part of the case protects and secures the micro-tether’s connector during transportation. Safe-T is designed to meet the requirements of the IEC 60950 standard. The Safe-T incorporates a patented electronic winch system for tether management and ease of use. It can be used with additional features such as the Developer Toolkit, giving a remote access to Safe-T main functions, and Data Option to allow data transmissions through the tether.

– Unlimited power at up to 1800W nominal, 2500W peak, depending on configuration
– Smart automated winch with 10 preset modes and detection laws
– Android app T-Monitor, for live telemetry, monitoring, remote fault detection and alerts


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Safe-T (Tethering Station)